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it up? never. >> i don't want to give mine up. >> from my cold dead hands you'll take it. >> i did switch to the iphone, you the by still rely on my blackberry. isn't that amazing? >> absolutely. >> i have both but i wish i could keep it, really. at least they've got us. rooting for them. to stay strong. a new cnbc poll shows investors are not sold on twitter as a stock that is -- especially the young people who use twitter the most. we thought that was interesting. so, why did the company just dramatically increase its ipo pricing range today? take a closer look. ahead of the big deal coming to market this wooeleek. should you buy it when it comes to market thursday? >> google outraged it may have been spied upon by the nsa. but someone -- one of our guests is asking isn't that what google does to its users? is that a fair comparison so make? after all, google does have a user agreement. people accept it. nsa doesn't have a user agreement i know of but we have both sides of the issue coming up. >> fascinating, actually. let's check the markets as we approach the
in the market today. >> i still don't understand this. interest rates go up, people in the markets think it's bad but only because they can go up. if they're going to taper, they're data-dependent. that means they see better things. i'm just fine with them getting on with tapering, stop talking about it. do it the right way, which isn't going to be easy, but it means things are better. they wouldn't be talking about it if it wasn't, so i'm fine with this tapering. >> but i guess at the end of the day it's about expectations, right, kimberly? if the market is not expecting a taper until now, the new expectation is march, perhaps june of 2014, what happens if, in fact, we were to see a taper next month? is that an unexpected surprise that sends markets going down? >> i think you might see that like back in april and may what we saw with the markets. but the reality is the taper in has to deal with the employment data and it's down 7.3. it's kind of a double-edged sword here. my feeling is that, you know, yes, we do have improving economy. yes, we have lower unemployment but the fed has a long
, is there's been no investment in real productive assets. across the united states. when you don't have -- when you have assets that are getting older and older, they're producing less and less cash. this is a problem for the long-term. it's a big problem. >> rob, what about that? i know you think this market is still cheap in terms of valuations. does it get -- does it keep moving higher if, in fact, we see rates move even lower and this expectation that unemployment marker should be lower than 6.5%? >> thanks, maria. yes, good to be with you. interesting question. look, i think the best position to be in in this market is to be a practicimatist. if you look ahead into next year, look at s&ps, bottoms-up estimates earnings at 122, if the pe stays the same at 16, that implies a price target of 1942, 1946. i think there is room to run. i think you have to take what the market and economy are giving you. so far that's been pretty good news. >> rich, you acknowledged dani, santelli, what about her point that we're sort of borrowing from the future to keep these rates as low as they are rig
,000 points away from the all-time high, correct? i don't think sheila can hear us. the point being, an interesting take in the wall street journal today as well. is it really just the point level that matters or do you have to take into account, stock, the fact we've had consumer price inflation? the fact the total return for the markets including dividends. a lot of these benchmarks, it's one thing to look at round numbers. another to explore what it really means. sheila, can you hear us now? >> it's a big day here at the nasdaq. we're crossing that 4,000 mark for the first time since september 2000. it's not the highest the nas das has ever been. that was in march 2000 when the nasdaq hit 5408. we're a little way as way from a record high but, nonetheless, a big psychological barrier. there were a few notable losers left behind in today's rally. qualcomm, one of the biggest losers on the index today after china is investigating one of its business unit. ebay taking a hit after comments on monday. talk about the social media, internet 2.0 names like facebook, pandora, yelp, linked
react to it? >> i think we'll see more of what we have been seeing, sort of to david's point. i don't think she'll say anything different than chairman bernanke. you'll see the market butt its head up to the 1775 level in the s&p, probably inch its way higher and eventually over 1800. she's not going to break away from anything that ben bernanke has said. it's going to keep loose money, higher markets. that's going to be the trade. >> i mean, the talk was maybe she'd be pretty dovish with her testimony here, but we'll have to wait and see. the key will be the q&a, what comes out from the members of the senate banking committee when they start questioning her about various issues she'll to have confront at some point. rob, what do you make of this market right now? i was talking to grasso earlier about this. we kept thinking as the interest rate rose, the ten-year note would go up and up and up, after it got to a certain point, stocks would start to sell off. ten-year keeps going higher. no sell-off. what do you think is going on? >> i think, you know, i think we're still seeing, act
, legendary actist investor cliff robbins of the blue harbour group. don't miss that. >>> speaking of health care, you saw live here on cnbc the president today making some administrative changes to the health care law. now you really can keep your plan if you like it. but only for one year. and only if insurance companies can reverse everything before the end of the year. in fact, those insurance companies are telling us here at cnbc they feel like the white house has left them holding the bag on this one. and they are not happy. we have a lot more on that story coming up in a little bit here. >> for sure. we'll look at the impact. first, let's check the markets as we are once again in record territory. dow jones industrial average hitting an all time high yesterday. now above that by 40 points. about a quarter of a percent higher at 15,862. nasdaq composite also showing gains today, though not as strong. up just a fraction. 3.5 points. s&p 500, again, record territory here with a gain in the session of seven points. about a third of a percent at 1788. >> let's talk about the latest market
. hey, bill. >> we were on dow 16,000 watch. but i don't know, it doesn't look so good right now after the fed minutes came out at 2:00 eastern time. the market pulled back. we're down at the lows of the session right now. interest rates are moving higher. we have a lot more on the fed minutes and what the taper talk has done to the stock market so far today. >> and, of course, the minutes in the last hour certainly having pretty good impact. we're looking for solutions to the obama care met. tenet health care ceo trevor fetter is with us on how the bumpy rollout has impacted his company. >> also muni bonds, everybody loves them, they're safe and boring, right? well, not so fast. millions of investors are in these because many times the income is tax-free and it's believed these bonds that are linked to cities and municipalities are a lot less volatile than stocks. but are there new danger signs of anyone who owns them or thinking about owning them, need to know about? we'll take a closer look at munis coming up. >>> the dow jones industrial average near the lows of the day with a decl
for williams-sonoma. here's some suggestions. return christmas gifts you don't need for extra cash. sell unwanted possessions on craigslist or ebay. and my favorite. break your food into smaller pieces to help you feel more full. now, these are tips from mcdonald's employees on the company website called mcresource. this not a joke. it's not being made up. in fact, i didn't believe it when i saw it this morning. >> you said, is this legit? >> our producers had to convince me. they showed me that it is the real thing. as you can imagine, it's sparking a new debate about low pay at mcdonald's and other fast food chains. we will have a full report on this coming up. >> here's a tip from me. do not get me a gift card. i do not want a gift card. >> she doesn't use them. >> i put them in a drawer. it is never to be seen again. let's check where we stand as we approach this final stretch on wall street. dow jones industrial average in rally mode, thank you very much. triple digit move. up 102 points. 16,003 last friday. nasdaq composite also doing well. almost 50 points higher. the s&p 500, als
slithered away. don't know what the big old fuss was about. actually, i'd probably freak out, too. i hate snakes. >> there you go. good video. hey, thanks for watching, everybody. i'm off tomorrow but, mandy, a whole crew. fantastic show tomorrow. please tune in. >> yep. "closing bell" is coming up next. enjoy your time off, brian. happy thanksgiving. >> thank you. you, too. >>> hello and welcome to the "closing bell." i'm kelly evans down here at the new york stock exchange today. >> welcome aboard. >> thank you. >> she's so humble. i'm bill griffeth. i guess the nasdaq waited for me to come back today to close above 4,000 for the first time since september of 2000. >> she says we haven't closed yet. >> she says ominously. we're up 30 points. do you think it could shell off? >> we've actually rallied all day. >> s&p back above 1800 here, so another positive day as one trader walked by and said, they're still buying stocks. >> and still trading. the rain and wind is just now starting to kick up here in new york city. it is expected to get much worse each ensuing hour. the question
that has been looking very shaky. this may or may not continue or it could stop today. we don't know. we're in some kind of transition here. the question that everybody's asking is, is that kind of trend, that kind of unwind we've been seeing going to continue? what do i mean when we talk about momentum stock? high beta names. moves a lot on a daily bay sus. look this week. tesla down 12%. yelp. zillow. facebook. linkedin. flat basically on the week. to the downside. chinese internet. classic day trading names. kihoo. baidu. youku. renren. the other big momentum group, biotech names. huge volume. traders love to play around with these stocks. gilead, biogen idec. celje celgene. what's been up? costco, sysco, cvs. the otc markets sent me a note they're going to be reopening trading about now pending a notice from finra. those are the pink sheets. they've been out today on a system outage. i'll keep an eye on that. >>> i'm over here today. joining us now -- >> there you are. >> here i am. wherever i go. heather hughes from sun america funds is with us today. so is bill mcveil from the turn
and enough people pile in and you can use it and exchange it for other items, i don't see how you could possibly call it a sell right here. dangerous -- >> i'll call it a sell. i'll call it a sell. >> quick look at indexes as we head into the final hour of trade. the s&p up three point or so. nasdaq up 24,039. looks like we're headed to a fresh 13-year closing high for nasdaq and all-time highs at 1805. >> let's talk about it in our "closing bell exchange," peter anderson from congress asset management, jim key, kevin, and our own rick santelli. kevin, are we -- you know, we talked yesterday about how so many people are bullish which made my palms sweat to some degree. you're feeling a little cautious in the near term, aren't you? >> the market has had a fantastic run. we're up 25-plus percent this year. i think most of the strategists this year got it wrong by a pretty wide margin. luckily the error was to the plus side for the stock market. so, i would just say, look, this still is and will be part of the equation for investors. the fact of the matter is, earnings haven't caused this.
bell" starts right now. >>> are you hungry? >> i'm starved and i don't know why. >> hi, everybody. welcome to the "closing bell." i'm maria bartiromo at the new york stock exchange. rally mode once again for stock prices. >> yes, better late than never. i'm bill griffeth. the dow needs to be up. we're well above the high today. that's mine. >> oh, i just blasted your ear. >> can i have this back? we're doing this -- >> it was the big mac that got me. >> up 116 points on the dow industrial average right now. well into regular territory. interestingly, the nasdaq is lower, some high-profile technology stocks are trading down, some think maybe some people are raising some money to get ready for something else to invest in. >> big deal tomorrow. we'll get the pricing tonight on twitter. it could happen as soon as an hour from right now. twitter pricing the ipo breaking earlier on cnbc was the range is said to be moving higher from $25 to $27 a share but you never know, these things. it could go higher than that or lower, bill. cnbc is going to have the news first with the best coverag
like today, the upside of rates is going to be bigger than days when you don't get great data in term of how they move down. and i don't think that adjustment period, that inevitable normalization is going to be very well liked by areas like stocks. but i only think that's an interim period. i think eventually it will be okay. i wish the fed could see it that way as well. >> so, are you guys betting that the fed begins tapering sooner rather than later? >> as a result of a report like today's jobs number? >> i'm not. i'm not. i'm of the belief that the tapering is still going to happen after whatever happens in january with the budget mess. i think that the fed understands the politics, the dysfunctional politics we have in place. we have a transition of the chairman to the chairwoman. so i don't think it's going to be sooner than later. i would be very surprised if they did anything this year. and i think that in all likelihood it's going to be more -- closer to march. >> bill, isn't the real question whether they do or not. if you have a lot more days like this, isn't it kind of a m
, they don't want to be in a pitch battle for very long with the administration. how they're going to approach this meeting, what they're going to request from the white house, what the white house is going to give them, is all going to be fascinating to learn. although i don't think we'll learn it today because the insurance executives pointedly declined to talk walking into the meeting. they avoided reporters. they have indicated that they don't plan to talk when they come out of the meeting. we'll see if the substance of the exchanges makes any difference in that. but what the administration did yesterday, the executives complained, puts the blame on them for the cancellations of a lot of thooe these policies. the white house said it was okay if insurance commissioners and insurance companies extend some of these canceled policies. not only to 2014 but into 2015. of course, the many states and many companies don't want to do that. and the white house doesn't really want them to do that because they're all trying to move to the new standards of the new law. and so the insurance i
continuing through the first of the year. i don't picture it being the late '90s style melt-up we tend to be talking more and more about. >> what would be the worst thing -- i'll ask anyone this -- taking profits now and missing a further move upward in this market or hanging in there and thinking it's going to continue higher and we get a correction of some kind as we head into the close? >> i think the better move is to hang in there. this correction could be 5 %. it could be 5 % up the next week. i think there's so much momentum, as steve just mentioned, so much momentum in stocks right now, as indicated by flows of money, that i think that it's very, very dangerous, in my view, to actually get out of the market and actually then try to figure out when that thing's going to drop 5% and then jump back in. it's going to be a tough call to make. >> i agree. you don't want to time this market. >> no. it's timed in the market. it's not time in the market. that's how you make money long term. >> how? >> just being in the market. and staying there. buying quality. which you're seeing now i
to started taking some of that profit. we've been doing that. you don't want to let them run forever. take profit, reallocate into position that hasn't gone up as much. that's key. >> mark, yields have been rising but you think that's actually a positive. i mean, a lot of people wring their hands of the stock market and say, when the yields start rising, think that will provide too much competition for equities. you disagree with that, don't you? >> yeah, we do. we think the great rotation of money going out of the bond funds and into stock funds is going to continue for quite some time. you know, we like particularly the financials are very attractive right now. asset managers would be a place we're looking at for our clients. as the money begins to move from bonds into stock funds, obviously, the fees on the stock funds are considerably higher. and profit margins are higher. so, we do think -- >> i very much agree on the financials. i think financials right now are very inexpensive. net interest margins have got to improve with interest rates employing up. i think that's a great point. >
. these are supportive factors but i don't think they're fundamental factors. looking for social media stocks as a tea leaf for something broader -- >> in both cases you can look to them for something broader. >> i do agree. it has an air of irrationality at this point. i have head fund managers who say, we're starting to look uncomfortable but we need other pockets of idea. i think you see dan loeb getting into greek bonds through a dedicated fund. this is not a new idea. it's something he's been doing for a while. i think people need to look at other -- commodities play, a -- >> a commodities mrashgs are you going there? >> we're seeing an easing of prices and a negative sentiment in terms of metals and -- >> it's a contrarian play because commodities are so hated right now, unless it's a bitcoin -- >> that's not a commodity. >> it's clearly a commodity. it's not a currency. it's gold 2.0. to kate's point, people are looking for alternatives and the fact commodities might be on the backburner. bitcoin, can you call it ridiculous, whatever you want, but clearly there's something going on -- >> that's
the drinks. >> and your daughter, clearly. >> i don't like mai tais. thanks for watching "street signs". >> "closing bell" is up next. >> sounds good. >>> hi, everybody, we're into the final stretch. welcome to the "closing bell." i'm maria bartiromo at the new york stock exchange. history was made today once again when the dow crossed the 16,000 mark for the first time ever. >> we're not there now, though. it has pulled back a little bit. the question will be for the next hour, can it close above 16,000 for the first time in history. in fact, that's not the only round number we're keeping an eye on. the s&p this morning crossed 1800 for the first time. >> unbelievable. >> and the nasdaq, while pulling back today, is ever closer to that 4,000 level. something we haven't seen since march of 2000. >> this market will not quit. >> the round number watch continues. >> i love it. coming up later on "closing bell," a big news maker, prince alwaleed bin talal al saud. he's been asking saudi arabia to diversify because of the natural gas explosion and fracing in america. we'll talk about how h
-- they have two fatalities and one critical. can you tell us the number of fatalities? >> we don't know that yet. the fire department is rectifying all that information. >> can you tell us why the fbi is the lead agency? >> well, this is an airport that has federal jurisdiction. we have fbi assets on board. the investigative lead has been decided to be taken by the fbi. >> is the shooter a federal employee? >> i don't know. >> was he ever? >> i don't know. >> does the fbi know? >> did he indicate why he was doing this? >> not that i'm aware of. >> chief, there were earlier reports of multiple suspects, as recently as 10, 15 minutes ago. we saw a person in handcuffs. can you explain what we were seeing there? >> no. in a dynamic situation where things unfold so rapidly and many people come in, there is always chaos in any type of event like this. there's always the -- everybody's always thinking forward as to whether or not there's additional suspects. as we stand here right now, there is only one individual that is responsible for this as we know as that active shooter that was in our t
on a black friday. this is my worst nightmare here. >> i don't know. i saw you over there googling deals, looking for some specials. >> well, yes. i'll go online. i'll shop all day there. but coming out here? i will say, we're finding some stores are doing a lot better than others. >> yes. >> it's very hit-and-miss. we'll be talking about that over the next couple of hours here. >> because that's the real advantage of being here, bill, the shopping mall. we should mention, as you're out across the country, you are being watched. there are analysts here. there are retailers who are measuring traffic with digital devices and just taking a look at the shopping bags. i mean, this is actually where the research happens, for people trying to figure out who the winners and losers are today. >> we walked around the mall before the show. we met two analysts scouting around to see what was going on. we'll talk about that coming up. >>> meantime, we've got morally going on wall street. the dow and s&p in railroad territory, up 45 points on the dow. we were up 76 earlier. nasdaq up 32. another 13-ye
'm going to give you a double-edged answer and i don't know what shares are doing as we speak but they seemed to rally leading into this long-awaited announcement. i think investors like clarity. there's still a raft of legal issues jpmorgan is facing. pr right now they have reserves of $23 billion. they added more last quarter. they're more than covered for this settlement. analysts estimate they could have $8 to $16 billion yet to come in mortgage litigation costs. in addition, they have a wide series of issues they're still grappling with, ranging frommen inquiry the way they hired chinese sons and daughters 6 oe -- of officials. a lot of things they're still dealing with. i think they'll be talking to investors later today. exact timing to be determined. cfo mary ann lake and jamie dimon will be answering questions over the phone. >> those on satellite radio, shares are fractionally higher. off the highs but up 0.75%. kate kelly, thank you, on what has been a very long, tense settlement between the bank and jpmorgan. tim holland, this is the financial sector. as they stay
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